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Are you a citizen ? What can YOU do? 26 Oct Citizens' Seminar

Dear friend,


Our Brussels Citizens' Seminar is for you -- please share this email and facebook event with any interested friends or colleagues.

Fact: Did you know EU Citizens could make up 31% of voters in the Brussels Region? But they were only 4% in the 2012 local elections, because only 14% of them registered to vote. We are now 1 year away from the next local elections on 14 October 2018

Myths about Belgian elections continue to discourage EU and non-EU citizens. But registering to vote can actually be easy. Download the form (EU Citizens here and non-EU Citizens here) and send it directly to your city hall by post. Plus, voting is NOT obligatory for foreign citizens, who, unlike Belgian citizens, can de-register from the electoral list if they want to after any election. 

Brussels needs you! Your commune has a direct impact on the quality of life for you, your family and your neighbours. 

That's why Migration Policy Group is supporting Objectif, a local association, to mobilise interested individuals, initiatives and stakeholders for a Citizens' Seminar on 26 October (in FR with EN/NL facilities).

Learn about good practices, current campaigns and opportunities for volunteering. This moment is a unique opportunity to reflect on the role that you and your organisation can play. 

The event is organised in partnership with the Brussels City Council for Foreign Residents and co-financed by the European Union. Also thanks for the support from our partners European Citizen Action Service and European Network against Racism.

 Your invitation is here. Please register and pass by any time in the afternoon or evening. You can get more info here or by phone at 02 511 23 93

 Please join us as an active Brussels citizen,


Thomas Huddleston
Migration Policy Group


Brussels local elections: did you vote before -- and will you now? Complete this 5 minute EN/FR survey and we'll share the results with the communes and NGOs to better serve you as citizens. 

What obstacles do you see to the political participation of mobile EU citizens? Let us know and we'll publish the results.

Oct 2017



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