U4U Circular

  - N° 60 – 24 February 2017 - Editor: G. Vlandas , Rédaction P. Kéraudren, K. Slama, F. Andreone, J.-P. Soyer.

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Contract agents: the end of the tunnel

The provisions of the new staff regulations for CAs were the reason for one of the longest social dialogues at the Commission. The previous Commissioner, Mrs Georgieva, had reached agreement at political level before she left. Some points, however, remained undecided.

The request to the College for conciliation was made by all the trade unions, although some diverging views meant that we couldn't make a unanimous request (see the request made by U4U, USHU, RS). That will not stop the conciliation meeting taking place. For us, the central focus was, at this final stage, to encourage access to jobs for all.


Will the UCC software track you?

In our last Circular no. 59, U4U informed you of the implementation of the UCC software at the Commission in Brussels and promised to keep you informed of developments. On 7 February, DIGIT came to explain to staff representatives the reasons for the introduction of this new software. Extensive reference was made to the use of this software for monitoring purposes. In the opinion of U4U, the DG HR must prepare GIPs to limit and regulate the use of the software for monitoring purposes.

Summary of the information provided by DIGIT to the local Staff Committee in Brussels (Feb 2017)

Letter requesting a social dialogue: Introduction at the OIB of the UCC (Unified Communication & Collaboration service) software


Education allowances in Delegations

Delegation staff are suffering a systematic cost-savings policy affecting the schooling of children. The trade union organisations U4U, USHU, FFPE and CONF/SFE, who are part of the NEAR You group, have decided to support a legal action to condemn the illegality of the decision to limit reimbursements, but also to condemn the associated violation of rights.

Action for Annulment before the European Union Tribunal against the new staff policy at the EEAS concerning Education allowances in Delegations


Sustainable Canteens at the Commission?

Sustainable canteen: a delegation from the CPRE – Joint Committee on Restaurants and Staff Shop at the Commission in Brussels – composed of representatives of staff, the administration and the OIB, visited the canteen of the Committee of the Regions and the Economic and Social Committee, which has been awarded the "sustainable" label by Brussels Environment. Sustainable canteens share the goal of combating waste and have an environmentally friendly procurement policy.

When will we get a sustainable label for the Commission's canteens?

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The Sickness fund in good health

On 18 January this year, the Sickness Insurance Management Committee (CGAM) approved its 2015 annual report. This report showed an operating surplus of EUR 6.5 million. In 2014, the scheme already had an operating surplus, and we know this will also be the case for 2016. And that is without taking account of its financial revenue from its overly substantial (?) reserve. In other words, thanks in particular to the Method and to salary increases linked to promotions and seniority, our Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme is in good shape. It may be the time to ask ourselves if this scheme has further room for improvement.

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