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U4U at your service : Conferences and Proximity



U4U at your service : Conferences and Proximity meetings

U4U organizes conferences and proximity meetings with a clear and transparent objective of informing the staff from all EU Institutions about their statutory rights, the different scenarios available for implementing them and of the economic consequences of many individual choices.

We have brought to Luxembourg, to Strasbourg, to Grange, to EUIPO in Alicante, to F4E in Barcelona and to Brussels (EEAS, Beaulieu site, Genève site, AGRI, RTD, OLAF, EAC,…) a series of conferences and events where the staff has been duly informed on the general legal framework applicable to our statutory rights. Moreover, we shared practical procedures, best practices and individual advices steaming from our experience in advocating for staff before the PMO, the HR and other instances in the Commission, European Parliament, Council and the EU bodies and Agencies.

We have already covered important subjects for many colleagues such as the evaluation and appraisal procedures, the retirement pension, the unemployment benefits, Brexit, disciplinary procedures, internal competitions, medical care and JSIS, the rights of contractual agents....

More than 1000 colleagues have already attended these information sessions since January 2019 and had the opportunity to raise their questions on the spot or bilaterally after the general session.

Our way of working is different : We do not read the staff regulation to the attendance, we do not bump 100 slides presentations and we do not promise anything. We just share the experience of hundreds of procedures handled, including (pre)litigation and try to find concrete solutions.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you think that such events should be organized in your services and which thematic could be interesting.

Feb 2019


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